Falmouth and the surrounding area consists of organisations and individuals, here is the opportunity to build up the full picture of our neighbourhood. Culture to society and reverse!

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  1. The need for a Cornish community media

    Here is an article I wrote that looks at the Daily Mail / Northcliffe Group strangle hold on the Cornish press and also lists some of our own home grown community media projects that desrve our support:

    There is a crying need for our own independent media sources in Kernow.

    The Cornish Republican
    The Breton Connection

  2. Footsteps to Copenhagen (by bike)

    In December World leaders will meet in Copenhagen to agree a strategy for meeting the urgent challenge of climate change. The bottom line is that the World needs to keep temperature increases below 2°C. Cornwall is mounting a campaign to persuade and support British negotiators to work hard to achieve the agreement.

    It is time for everybody to know about climate change – Copenhagen is both a last chance and a big opportunity.

    To raise awareness the ‘Copenhagen Group’ needs a dozen or so people to cycle legs of the route from Penzance to Saltash or walk during mini marches in towns enroute starting on October 24th for a week.

    Would you like to be one of those people? Are you fit for the task of standing up for the environment?

    If you would like to know more contact Luci Scholes on 01872 241239 or email her on

  3. Inter-Link Cornwall

    I’ve just come across the following Cornish project called Inter-Link Cornwall that might be of interest to some Cornish community and voluntary groups, and individuals. The Inter-Link Cornwall website is here:


    What is Inter-link?

    Inter-Link is a network of community & voluntary groups, statutory agencies and individuals working together. It provides a chance for groups to talk about their common issues, exchange information and communicate with other agencies, groups, projects and organisations.

    Inter-Link Offers:-

    The opportunity to attend local meetings across the districts. These are informal meeting’s which provide you with a chance of fi nding out about the work of other organisations, the latest information on funding programmes, training available to your group, and you can meet others, share ideas and let people know about your work. You will be sent a magazine with information about news from other groups, information about events and general news. Most importantly you will be able to use this as a source to promote your group or events. Inter-Link Cornwall is here to support voluntary and community organisations, if we cannot help, we will do our best to signpost you to someone who can!

    Inter-Links Background

    How did Inter-Link Begin?

    Inter-Link was originally started in Penwith in 1997 when it became apparent that there were few opportunities for local groups and organisations to get together and exchange information. With a mailing list of 24, Penwith Volunteer Bureau facilitated these meetings to start with and then when Penwith Community Development Trust formed in 1998 Inter-Link was taken forward by them. Inter-Link was facilitated with limited resources.

    With Inter-Links being facilitated in Penwith, Kerrier began to facilitate similar types of meetings – although they were not called ‘Inter-Links’ they operated in the same way and were facilitated by an lead organisation with limited resources.

    In November 2001, a conference was organised by a consortium of Voluntary Organisations across West Cornwall where it was agreed that the most effective way forward was for the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS), including residents, to be involved in Local Strategic Partnerships. This would build on existing networks (Inter-Links) and Community Empowerment Funding could strengthen and expand these networks.

    Funding was awarded to West Cornwall in 2002 and the West Cornwall Community Network was formed. A team was employed to both develop West Cornwall Community Network and Penwith and Kerrier Inter-Link. Penwith and Kerrier Inter-Link membership began to grow and more support for the Voluntary and Community Sector could be offered.

    Over time, other areas in Cornwall had networking meetings known as ‘Inter-Link Meetings’ but once again these were under resourced and an add on to someone’s’ role

    In 2005, via another consortium (Cornwall Infrastructure Partnership) funding was sought to roll out Inter-Link Cornwall Wide. Two additional Inter-Link Officers were employed to roll out the Inter-Link model already being used in West Cornwall to North Cornwall and Caradon and Mid Cornwall.

    Further funding through the Local Area Agreement, means that Inter-Link is continuing to be successfully rolled out Cornwall Wide, and has four dedicated Inter-Link Officers in place to support the Voluntary and Community Sector.

    The Cornish Republican
    The Breton Connection

  4. Sustainable Communities Act

    The County Council’s Executive signed up to the Sustainable Communities Act on 14th January 2009.
    Confirmation can be found at …..

    Anyone interested in taking this forward locally is encouraged to join us at TF business meetings (especially those who have expressed interest to date via this forum)

  5. Xmas Card Recycling

    Anyone still wondering what to do with those unwanted cards might consider taking them to collection points in M&S and Tescos for recycling….and help raise funds for tree-planting with the Woodland Trust. A major beneficiary this year is Trenant Wood, near Looe….see for more information

  6. Sustainable Communities Bill (Final Reading)

    The final hurdle for the Sustainable Communities Bill to overcome will be in the House of Lords when Parliament reconvenes.
    For those who support the Bill there is still a danger that, following the recent Government re-shuffle, officials may still seek to water down the provisions of the Bill before it is approved.

    Supporters are urged to write to the relevant new Ministers to ensure that the Bill goes through with all provisions intact.

    Please go to the Local Works website – – for details of who to write to and request the Government’s continued support of the Bill in its current form.

  7. Sustainable Communities Bill

    More good news!

    Supporters of the Sustainable Communities Bill will be pleased to hear that the Bill passed its Third Reading in the House of Commons last Friday, 15th June.

    It now proceeds to the House of Lords.

    Further actions that can be taken to help secure its passage through the Final Stage will be posted on the Local Works website –

    Briefing papers on what this Bill could mean for sustaining local communities and local services will also be made available.

  8. Sustainable Communities Bill

    Good news ! The Sustainable Communities Bill has successfully passed through the Committee Stage (24th May). There is one more hurdle to overcome before it clears the House of Commons, namely, the “Report/Third Reading Stage”.

    Although the Minister gave assurances at the Committee that the Government now supports the Bill, there is concern that there will be attempts to “water down” the Bill at the next stage.

    Supporters are being urged to put pressure on the Government to ensure that this does not happen.

    Local Works – who are leading the campaign – are recommending that supporters write urgently (by 15th June) to both the PM-in-waiting and their local MP, asking for/seeking the relevant assurances.

    Please see for more information and to download draft letters for use as appropriate.

  9. About this Group

    Falmouth and the surrounding area consists of organisations and individuals, here is the opportunity to build up the full picture of our neighbourhood. Culture to society and reverse!

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