Election Debates Series for Falmouth and Penryn

Press Release: Election Debates Series for Falmouth and Penryn. Launch at Penryn College 27th Jan 2010.

These events have been organised to ensure that all members of the community will have opportunities to meet and question the Truro and Falmouth Prospective Parliamentary Candidates. The date of the General Election has not yet been set but to make sure that the candidates are available together for several events, the series has been started in January.

Students from Penryn College fully engaged in the ‘Question Time’ format, excellently chaired by Mandy Milano, who ensured that they and the politicians had ample opportunity to discuss the important issues that affect us all.

Dan Mather Deputy Head of Penryn College commented

“This event was a superb opportunity for our pupils to engage with the full spread of political thinking. Issues ranged from taxation, to personal responsibility, to different types of power. Students really appreciated the adult way in which the candidates spoke to them. Students asked questions and offered their own comments. At times such was the quality of student comment it was hard to distinguish them from the actual candidates!”

The panel being quizzed by the students consisted of all the current Prospective Parliamentary Candidates: Harry Blakely: UKIP; Charlotte MacKenzie: Lab; Sarah Newton: Cons; Loic Rich: MK; and Terrye Teverson: Lib Dem. A Green Party candidate is being declared next week and will be joining the ‘team’ for future events.

The next event is to be held on 10th Feb at Marlborough School where Marlborough pupils will be joined by others from all the Junior Schools in Falmouth.

The first event to be open to the local community is being arranged by Falmouth School for early March.

In the following months it is hoped that other events will take place in the centre of Falmouth, offers of venues appreciated. please contact Lorely 01326 317587 or lorely@transitionfalmouth.org.uk

This series of events is completely unfunded with all those involved freely offering their expertise and time, keen to make democracy engaging and informative for the community.

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