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Frugal Food

The approach to budget eating is vast and varied. I can provide only a few suggestions based on experience but nutrition and fresh, not processed food, is a healthy and hopefully, cheaper option. I’m sure most people are aware that … Continue reading

Back to Basics

This article by Carrie is one of a series of individual reflections by Transition Falmouth’s members as the cost of living crisis escalates. Comments welcome. I have never written a blog before but was sufficiently shocked upon listening to a … Continue reading

Digital Carbon Footprints

The sources of our energy and its consumption are currently a huge economic and environmental concern. Back in the 19th century “consumption” was a medical issue, in the 20th an aspiration/addiction, and now in the 21st a major environmental problem! … Continue reading

October 2021 News Update

Some recent news Biodiversity Falmouth Town Council has declared an Ecological Emergency. You can read all about it in the Packet, and note the call to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (which Transition Falmouth has signed up to). … Continue reading

Transition Falmouth at Green Day

Spreading the word at Green Day at the Princess Pavilion on Sunday 19th September! Here representing Transition Falmouth, Fal Energy Partnership and Falmouth LETS at Princess Pavilion’s pop up event put on by Falmouth Town Council. Fal Energy Partnership gained … Continue reading