Transition Falmouth Local Food Guide

Welcome to The Transition Guide to Buying Local in the Falmouth and Truro area

Truro Market

Our guide aims to help choose local food resources and in the process keep food and drink miles to a minimum. Small and medium-sized Cornish food and drink producers, wholesalers and retailers make a significant contribution to the local economy and the environment. By using this list we can keep money circulating within our own area and across Cornwall.

Fresh Cornish produce at these retailers usually has less packaging, helping to reduce waste and to create a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Fewer food miles travelled means less carbon emissions and therefore a lower impact on our climate.

We particularly admire the Falmouth Food Co-op initiative, listed under “Social Initiatives” below, as they are a great example of socially aware joined up thinking and action. See their website at covering all of their projects and featuring a large selection of local suppliers for their grocery collective ordering system – there is also a great write-up about them on Cornwall Live.

TF Local Food Guide

  • All Entries: Complete verified TF Local Food Guide, listed alphabetically (140 entries)


  • Bakery and Confectionery: Bakers and retailers of bakery products, Confectionery producers and retailers (20 entries)
  • Beverages: alcoholic and otherwise (20 entries)
  • Dairy and Eggs: including ice-cream (9 entries)
  • Fish and Seafood: (10 entries)
  • Fruit and Veg: including fungi (12 entries)
  • Meat: including poultry (9 entries)
  • Preserves and Spices: including honey, condiments and oil (11 entries)
  • Markets: Local markets (7 entries)
  • Social Initiatives: including food redistribution, food co-op, gleaning (5 entries)
  • General retailers: including general stores and online-only, farm shops, food boxes, plastic free and zero waste, and specialists that don’t match the above categories (19 entries)
  • Allotments: Allotments and Community Gardens (15 entries)
  • Information/Other: information, including composting, and any entries which don’t fit in elsewhere (3 entries)

N.B. Several suppliers listed offered welcome home deliveries during the Covid pandemic, and many of these services have continued. To keep in touch with developments contact individual businesses for up-to-date information.

This Guide has been produced by members of Transition Falmouth and other local groups. Transition Groups work with their partners towards creating a low carbon future in local communities by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting the circular economy.

Please let us know if you have any feedback to share about the Guide. Entries are accepted from members of the public in good faith, (E&OE). If you think we have missed a resource that isn’t on the list, you can submit your suggestions here.


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