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Darnit, the arts & crafts group, is about self sufficiency and recycling, learning and using traditional skills, putting them to use in our modern world and considering ways that these skills could realistically be of use in the future.Posts and comments related to Arts & Crafts follow below:

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  1. All forum posts from the old Transition Falmouth website have been transfered as comments to this new website. Posts from the Arts & Crafts forum are here.

  2. The Celtic Link / Music

    What is the Celtic about?

    The Celtic is an idea that was created by two Cornish lads with a passion for Celtic music, dance and it’s people and was inspired during the return trip to Cornwall through the Scottish mountains following the Speyfest festival in Fochabers, North East Scotland.

    This website has primarily been set up to supply a useful network of contacts throughout the Celtic music and dance scene and to provide a unique opportunity for festival organisers to have an easily accessible means of finding groups and musicians of all varieties from all over the Celtic world and beyond! After all, there are a lot of Celtic bands out there that may never get the opportunity to be heard outside of their own locality. Therefore, this site also provides them with the opportunity to be known and share their music and talents to other festivals locally, nationally and internationally.
    The second aspect of the website is for festival organisers to be able to advertise and promote their festivals easily on one unique website that is dedicated to a specific purpose. This will be advertised globally and make aware to a vast audience that the festival exists however big or small.

    Finally there will be an opportunity to share information and experiences in the discussion forum and also use the community area to communicate with others on a more one-to-one basis, download pictures and create a personal profile for others to see.

    As Cornish musicians and dancers we have performed at many Celtic festivals spanning back many years, and it is the sole purpose of The Celtic to try and create stronger links within the Celtic world of music, dancing and individuals alike.

    The Cornish Republican
    The Breton Connection

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