Darnit – The Arts & Crafts Group

Darnit, the arts & crafts group, is about self sufficiency and recycling, learning and using traditional skills, putting them to use in our modern world and considering ways that these skills could realistically be of use in the future.

The group is at an early stage of development and we are still finding out about each other and discovering what everyone hopes to get out of and achieve from the workshops.

Meetings are on the last Wednesday of each month from 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm in order to make, discuss and socialise. However, nothing is set in stone – alternative times and dates could be arranged if needed.

So far, meetings have been held successfully in the private homes of those who have the space and are happy to host.

At present there are eleven of us. We have begun with knitting – those that can, passing on their skills to those who know less or nothing but the possibilities are endless.

The Food Group need a banner to advertise their events and we are producing it for them. Although there is an excellent range of skills on offer and a good cross-section of ages represented, so far only females have joined but men would, of course, be very welcome.

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