Power, Heat, Water, Fuel etc Alternatives to fossil fuels. Appropriate contemporary technology, information and exploration.

Fal Energy Partnership grew from TF’s interest in these issues in 2011-12 and now has its own website:

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  1. Hi everyone.

    We have just gone live on the Energyshare Community Energy site – to try and win some funding for a new project that we hope to push forward with.

    We have acquired two (low mileage) Proven (now Kingspan) 6kW turbines. This is probably all that we are going to get away with in Constantine because of the height restrictions imposed by the precision approach radar at Culdrose.

    All we are seeking at the moment is votes for the project. If you feel that you can lend your support – that would be great – and much appreciated. You only have to vote – nothing else for the time being. Time is tight – which is why we have had to go live in a hurry…….

    Project is here:

    If you can forward this to others who might be sympathetic to the cause – particularly under the FEP umbrella – it would be really appreciated.

    Regards to all


    ps: as part of the exercise we had to become another Twitterer – you can pick us up @TMConstantine

    pss: as you probably know – Constantine is one of the six villages that are included within the FEP geographical area.

    • Hi Robin, have added my vote, please see the following from Community Power Cornwall for two other excellent projects to vote for (Transition Falmouth has just applied for shares in CPC):

      Community Power Cornwall has submitted two bids to Energyfund Cornwall – a new and exciting funding programme designed to help support community-led renewable energy projects. We would love your vote for both new projects!

      The first application is for creating an exemplar solar reserve with biodiversity and habitat creation at its heart, using intensively farmed agricultural land for solar PV generation whilst increasing ecological value. Vote for this project here.

      Our other proposal will kick-start Community Power Cornwall’s next phase of on-site sustainable energy supply work, including a 10KW Solar PV installation at “The Track,” Portreath (The UK’s premier dirt bike jump track) and a 10KW PV installation in St.Merryn feeding a local caravan and camping site. Vote for this project here.

      We hope you will decide to support both projects, helping us secure a share of the £300,000 which is up for grabs.

      Many Thanks,

      The Community Power Cornwall Team

  2. Creating Local Energy Wealth – Thurs 17 Nov at The Poly

    A reminder that at 7:30pm on Thursday 17th November at The Poly we have the last local public event for 2011 to support the transition to a low carbon future – please would you come and give us your support and ideas.

    Creating local energy wealth: Thursday 17th November 7:30pm at The Poly.

    Fal Energy Partnership is developing an integrated renewable energy plan for energy wealth in the area. Join them and the speakers (from Wadebridge, Ladock and Grampound Road and Illogan projects), to find out how some communities are already ensuring a secure energy future for themselves – and what’s happening here to address rapidly rising petrol, natural gas and electricity prices.

    This project builds on the significant numbers of studies which have been already carried out for the Falmouth and Penryn area.

    To help the pounds in your pocket and the wealth of the area please join us and add your ideas.

    There is no charge for this event but donations (£1 suggested) to The Poly appreciated.

    More info: Lorely 01326 317587

    Click here for poster.

  3. Fal Energy Partnership two mtgs 20th July 2011

    Very brief summaries

    Fal Energy Transport: 2:00pm at The Maritime Museum – 8 attending.
    Data being collated on:
    1: Existing reports and consultations.
    2: Energy consumed by transportation locally.
    3: Identify projects and stakeholders.

    Areas for attention:
    1: Public transport.
    2: Foot and cycle.
    3: Marine.
    4: Commercial/haulage.
    5: Cars and taxis.

    ” A survey on cycling being produced.
    ” Low carbon transport challenge (in connection with Falmouth350) – ‘On yer Bike’ – ‘From Falmouth to Falmouth without fossil fuels’. Local gyms, cyclists and walkers to keep a record of all miles covered from Sept 24th 2011 to end of Oct. Total number of miles to show how many Falmouth’s around the world could have been visited also a calculation to be made of units of energy produced in the area by man/woman power.
    Falmouth’s Fossil Fuel Fast.

    Full notes from this meeting have been produced.

    Fal Energy Meeting: 7:00pm at The Poly – 9 attending.
    ” Report made on Transport meeting.
    ” Letter head has been produced with logo and partner groups identified: so far they include Falmouth Town Council, Falmouth Town Forum, Transition Falmouth, F&P Poverty Forum, Community Alive Falmouth.
    ” Draft outline of the report produced.
    ” Discussion about fuel poverty and housing.
    ” Communication: Working group via a dropbox. reports for TF email lists, TF website and Falmouthalive website.
    ” Individual tasks updated.

    Fal Energy Partnership has a huge remit but we are tackling it bit by bit so please join us to assist local resilience together.

  4. “Crude Awakening” at Cornwall Film Festival

    There is a screening of “A Crude Awakening” (excellent film on Peak Oil) at the Cornwall Film Festival

    Sat, 8 Nov 2008, 12:30 – 14:30
    Maritime Museum (Lecture Theatre), Events Sq, Falmouth

    This will then be followed by a Q and A from Oli Harbottle the distributor of the film. More info: Miranda Adams 01736 331 833

    Transition Falmouth showed this film in partnership with The Poly last December – well worth seeing.

  5. Use Hydrogen Hybrid Technology for fuel savings?

    Hi You guys are doing a fantastic thing!

    Are you considering using the on-demand
    water-hydrogen hybrid devices to cut fuel use?
    It’s something you can build cheaply NOW and
    and install in any of your cars, trucks, farm equipment,
    big rigs, generators, or even boats.

    It works on gasoline, diesel, or LP gas engines, new or
    old. Doesn’t void the warranty, and the more of them
    you build and install, the more people will learn
    about it and want to use them, and the better our
    air quality will become, not to mention saving more than
    half on fuel, improving engine performance and life,
    and even making and releasing oxygen in place of
    green house gases and pollution.

    There’s a lot of really good information on that website,
    without buying anything! You might want to read it a
    couple of times, and maybe pass it along!

    Robynne McWayne
    Amboy, Washington (state)
    Working on our own Transition Town

  6. TEQs (Tradeable Energy Quotas)

    In the context of rising fuel costs and shortages, there’s an article posted on Transition Culture on 13th June which is an extremely persuasive argument for the urgent introduction of TEQs (Tradeable Energy Quotas – an equitable form of fuel rationing). See here on Transition Culture.

    More about TEQs on David Fleming’s site:

  7. About this Group

    Power, Heat, Water, Fuel etc Alternatives to fossil fuels. Appropriate contemporary technology, information and exploration.

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