Contributions on how (and how often) we move from a to b, by foot, two wheels or more, public transport and public access.

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  1. All forum posts from the old Transition Falmouth website have been transfered as comments to this new website. Posts from the Transport forum are here.

  2. Truro Car Club

    The Truro club is moving ahead, and the organiser CarPlus has released the following press statement.
    If anyone from Falmouth is able to attend it would be great to get a report.
    And perhaps there may be some crossover possible?

    “Meeting discuss the plans for implementing a Car Club in Truro – 6th November
    A meeting to consider the plans for a car club in Truro will take place on Tuesday 6 November at 7.30 pm at the Pearson Room, Old Bridge Street, Truro TR1 2AH.
    Chas Ball, Chief Executive of Carplus, will facilitate the meeting which has been called to explore the options for implementing the car club strategy for Truro, following a successful public meeting in October. The meeting is hosted by Transition Truro.
    The key points for discussion include choice of parking locations, types of vehicle, possible links to other transport modes and costs.
    Run successfully in other areas of the country, car clubs give access to a shared vehicle without having to own one. Members can book a conveniently located, self-service car on the internet, or by phone and pay by the hour (or day).
    Note for editors – further information
    Further information on car clubs can be found on the sustainable transport section of Cornwall Council’s website ( If you would like to know more about the plan for Cornwall, please visit the Carplus website (
    Carplus, the NGO that supports the development of car clubs, is working with Cornwall Council to look at how car clubs could work in Cornwall, where there is sufficient demand for such a service, and how to establish a viable scheme with good prospects of self-financing long term.
    For more information: contact Chas Ball or Amy Clancy on 0113 234 9299 or Chas Ball on 07970 666146”

  3. E-Survey to register interest in a Falmouth Car Club

    To gauge interest in the idea
    would you undertake one (or both) of these short surveys?

    Further information on the public meeting in Falmouth and the Council’s car club plans is available here –

    If you are unable to attend the CORNWALL COUNCIL /CARPLUS meeting but would like to register your interest, please complete the short survey on our website here –

  4. Car Club Meeting

    Cornwall Council has arranged a Public Meeting to determine the level of interest in Falmouth for a Car Club.
    They have some funding to allocate and want to know if they can help establish and support (for 3 years) an independent car club.
    They are working in partnership with Carplus who have recently advised Wadebridge (WREN) who are establishing an E-car club with business and public members.
    Falmouth Council Chamber on Tuesdsay 2nd October at 7.30pm
    (Probably about an hour and a half)
    See also

  5. Electric-assist bicycle

    As I mentioned on the email list, I’d like to try and build an electric assist bicycle. My goal is to develop a set of instructions for a cheap DIY method (I’m trying for under £30!) and run a workshop for those interested in building their own.
    Please comment if you have any opinions/ information. As a start, here are a few websites which you might find interesting:

    a sweet conversion of an old bike!

    this looks awesome, but I can’t find the motors for sale.

    interesting forum discussing nitty-gritty of specs etc

    best wishes,

  6. Falmouth Truro Maritime Rail Link

    Seeking clarification over the proposals for improvements to the Truro Falmouth branch line as a part of a locally integrated transport system, Transition Falmouth has now received a reply from Cornwall County Council.

    Comments and discussion invited.

    The principal proposals for which the Council is seeking funding are as follows :-

    1. A loop allowing passing trains and a doubling of scheduled service to two trains per hour

    2. Loop to be located at Penryn Station and extension of existing platform at Penryn Station

    3. Improvement of Penryn Station including bus layby facility which has a 10 minute scheduled service link to CUC throughout the day

    Complete letter below:


  7. About this Group

    Your contributions on how (and how often) we move from a to b, by foot, two wheels or more, public transport and public access.

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