Fairtrade Falmouth to welcome Fair Trading cargo sailing ship

Over the previous 8 years the Fairtrade Falmouth team have concentrated on cramming public activities into the last week of Feb and first week of March- the annual Fairtrade Fortnight.

This year the focus for the time has been on preparing for the arrival of the Tres Hombres cargo ship in April. The Tres Hombres is a fair trading, wind powered cargo ship carrying cocoa beans and rum from the Caribbean, it is the first of many future visits bringing fairly traded goods straight into Falmouth harbour.

With such an exciting opportunity to promote the significance of global ethical trade there is a public meeting in Falmouth Council Chambers on 14th March at 10:00am to develop a new Fairtrade food club that will be launched during the Tres Hombres’s visit.

Rachel Lay of Fairtrade Falmouth says “Please join us on the 14th to help develop this project and help plan the celebration for the visit of the Tres Hombres, there will be Fairtrade refreshments and tasters for you to try”.

For more information about Fairtrade Falmouth see their pages on
www.falmouthalive.org.uk or contact  01326 317587

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