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A Time for Transition

As the price of energy continues to rise steeply, we become increasingly aware of our dependence on all that cheap oil has made possible in our lives. From globalisation to strawberries in December to plastics and pharmaceuticals – all rely on abundant and cheap energy supplies.

Many experts now agree that world oil production is reaching its peak and that the age of cheap oil is drawing to a close.

A world without oil is hard to imagine, but it is possible and if properly planned and implemented it could offer a higher quality of life than the present. Sweden has already announced its intention to be oil free by 2020, with Finland set to follow.

What would a low energy society look like? How would it feed, house and power itself? Do we wait until it is too late or do we lead by example?

Transition Falmouth

Transition Falmouth is part of a movement addressing the two greatest issues of our time: a changing climate and declining oil production.

We are working to develop low energy solutions in all aspects of our lives. Transition Falmouth has set up a number of working groups including food, arts & crafts, transport, health & wellbeing, waste, built environment and economics.

We believe solutions will arise from engaging the creativity, imagination and knowledge of people in Falmouth. Our aim is to create active and supportive partnerships between individuals, groups and local government.

Help us put Falmouth on the map as a community that engages its collective creativity and genius in building an abundant future.

See here for the story of Transition Falmouth’s first few months (October 2006 up to March 2007), and here for more about Transition and Peak Oil.

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