Transition Falmouth welcome Tres Hombres

Preparations for Tres Hombres arrival started months ago with Transition Falmouth organising for the film about the project to be shown at Miss Peapods. People seemed excited about this ‘new’ era of sail cargo and adventure. The footage was exciting and honest; people were on the edge of their seats listening to Jorne telling us about their mission and how it came about.

Banner making on Prince of Wales Pier

Banner was made with help of passers by

Banner was made with help of passers by

One of the principles of their project is fair trade and Fair Trade Falmouth mobilised for this event. Community spirit was in full swing when Transition members Lorely and Jenna started making a welcome banner at Prince of Wales pier, Falmouth and invited members and passers by to join in.

On the 16th April,  Fal River ferries took passengers out into Carrick Roads and out by St Anthony’s lighthouse to witness up close the arrival of Tres Hombres. As someone who thinks that sometimes all you have to do is ask, I was impressed with Lorely’s initiative and powers of persuasion here.


We were first of all treated to a tour of Falmouth harbour then headed out, mingling with the other boats that were also greeting this special visitor. Amongst the passenger list (on the ferry) was the captain Arjen and Lucy from New Dawn Traders who had also crewed on the brigantine.


We were also blessed with fine sunshine so didn’t mind hanging out by St Mawes, waiting for the pilot boat to deliver the pilot to Tres Hombres. I had just obtained my complementary cup of tea (served in a china cup – no throwaway here!) and enjoyed some fair trade chocolate, when we leapt and bounded to meet the sail cargo vessel. In fact I cursed the tea because I didn’t have enough hands to hold that, take pictures and hold on!

Our excitement was met with some fantastic, up-close encounters with the brigantine, pilot cutters and other sailing boats.




In the rigging

A traditional pilot gig boat also joined in the melee.


Sailing into Falmouth harbour the Tres Hombres was a magnificent sight but since the vessel does not have an engine a tug brought her in to the quay where we were regaled with Brazilian beats. The mayor of Falmouth welcomed the sail cargo vessel and rum was soon being loaded onto the quay and then onto horseback for local deliveries.

Ho ho ho and a barrel o' rum!

It was a privilege for Transition Falmouth to be an integral part of this monumental event.

That evening Captain Arjen van der Veen (founder of Fair Transport Shipping), Caroline Bennett (Slow Fish Network), Chris Bean (Cornish Fisherman), Caro Warwick-Evans (The Cornish Seafood Company), Andy Whiteford (Sail Trade) and Emily Penn (Pangaea Explorations) made presentations, kindly hosted by the Watersports Centre and guests feasted on cakes made by Fair Trade members and sustainable, local fish and chips, courtesy of Harbour Lights.

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Fal Fair Food launched an Ethical Food Club for Falmouth.
An easy and cheap way to support local and global fair food.
*Fair to the producers. *Fair to the environment. *Fair to the purchasers.
A partnership between Fairtrade Falmouth, Transition Falmouth and Falmouth Alive.
For more info: 01326 317587

The extravaganza continued at The Poly, with the film screening Ready About: Return of the Windjammers, rum and chocolate tasting at Dolly’s, workshops at the Aquarium and culminated in the Apocalypso party at The Fish Factory!

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Photos courtesy of Jenna Lane, Rob Follett and Lorely Lloyd of Transition Falmouth


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