Paul Mobbs visits Falmouth

Details of Paul Mobbs’ tour of Cornwall from July 2nd-4th follow.

Energy Expert Visits Cornwall

Paul Mobbs, author of “Energy Beyond Oil” on a short speaking tour of Cornwall.

It is safe to say that the era of cheap oil is over and we see the effects of rising fuel costs all around us – not least on our television screens – the news footage of Ethiopia is reminiscent of the terrible famine of the 80s. Oil prices are obviously not the only reason for food shortages, but our almost total dependence on oil for food production, transport and home energy needs to be reversed, and fast.

Paul Mobbs, author of ‘Energy beyond Oil’ a comprehensive account of our oil addiction and how we can recover from it, will be visiting Cornwall to give three talks, hosted by local Transition Groups.

From 7.00pm each evening he will be presenting at:

2nd July – W.I. Hall, Webber Street, Falmouth
3rd July – Shire Rooms, Bodmin
4th July – Wesley Hall, Helston

Paul is an engineer and one of the founders of the Free Range Network – ‘a disorganisation of environmental activists, scientists, technicians and community workers’. They have instigated the ‘Free Range Energy Beyond Oil Project’ which aims to provide the public with relevant information on how to reduce the impact of the impending energy shortages. Paul himself ‘walks his talk’. He travels by public transport, does not own appliances such as mobile phones, he and his family eat local food and minimise their energy consumption. He debunks the myth that more is better and makes you happier.

Transition towns and climate friendly communities in Cornwall are working towards a low carbon future by encouraging localism and attempting to rebuild resilience into our communities. It is not so long ago that communities such as Bodmin and Truro grew food within the town, either in market gardens, allotments or back gardens. Many people are eager to do so again, thereby increasing self-sufficiency, improving food quality and creating community cohesion.

All the events are free, with entry by donation only. Come along and bring your friends for what is not just an informative but a very important presentation! It might just give you some ideas about how our families and communities might cope as oil prices continue to rise.


Falmouth event

Bodmin event

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