Council pension plan investment in fossil fuels

Fossil Free have come up with a rather nifty map that shows to what extent local councils are investing pension plan money in fossil fuels. Cornwall Council come out of the analysis fairly well, but this is no time for complacency. Your humble author suspects that the relatively low level of investment in fossil fuels should make it all the more easy to divest, perhaps making Cornwall a leader amongst national councils…

A link to Fossil Free’s analysis is here.

Fossil Free councils


Council pension plan investment in fossil fuels — 6 Comments

  1. Hopefully, David won’t mind me quoting from his much more recent email here:

    Cornwall’s Pensions Committee is due to meet in the coming days – just as the world’s attention focuses on the UN Climate Summit in Paris.

    Please consider sending an email to the Pensions Committee inviting them to take this opportunity to make a “Statement of Intent to Divest” their £64.9 million holdings in Fossil Fuels.

    Send email to:
    Derek Holley CC, Chair of Pensions Committee,
    Matthew Trebilcock, Pension Investment Manager,
    Sean Johns, Pension Investments Officer,

  2. Apropos this thread – The inspiring and uplifting film Do the Math is having its Cornish Premiere at Archie Browns Cafe in Truro on Thursday 29th October. 6pm till 9pm. The evening will begin with the film and lead into an exploration of how we in Cornwall can most effectively support the UN Climate Summit in Paris – staeting, but by no means ending, with Divestment. For more details (and to spread the word) see the Facebook Page “Divest Cornwall”.

  3. I just BCC’ed the Transition Falmouth group into a letter I sent via to the West Briton. Just to be clear, I didn’t mention the group in the email so I was me acting as a lone agent, so to speak. Thought you might like to know, though. If anything comes of it, I’ll post it here.

    • Good letter, and many of us on TF will share your views, but best not to BCC or CC the mailing list due to the way mailing lists work (forwarding only to the list address with no other recipients in to/cc/bcc is fine)