Too Good to Waste – Local Circular Economy Project

As mentioned in last month’s article Transition Falmouth has now launched its guide to local good practice.

Entitled “Too Good to Waste” it builds on some initial work by Circular Falmouth. Covering principally the Falmouth, Penryn and Truro area, this guide is intended to stimulate interest in the local circular economy, and provide a user-friendly information resource.

We have aimed to celebrate, not only the contribution already being made in this field by a wide range of organisations , but also the new, and often ground-breaking work, of existing and new enterprises – both in the commercial and community sectors.

It is becoming clear that, both globally and locally, attention needs to be focused away increasingly from the linear economy, where large quantities of valuable resources are landfilled or incinerated, and embrace a new way of doing things, which minimizes waste through careful design, repurposing materials into new products, and reusing and recycling as much as possible.

Making productive use of materials that would otherwise go to waste is a movement which is gathering pace, and needs our support and encouragement, as Cornwall seeks to become carbon neutral by 2030.

You can view the local guide here.

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The Future is Circular!

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Too Good to Waste – Local Circular Economy Project — 4 Comments

  1. Are you doing anything about contacting local farmers and vegetable producers oto sort out how Cornwall, and each local area, can start getting its meat and vegetables, and fruit, from Cornwall’s producers, cutting out transportation emissions for stuff from elsewhere, or going elsewhere. basically can we make Cornwall much more self sufficient for its food, including creating a better market for fish and other sea food?