Community Power Cornwall short Share Offer Opportunity

Community Power Cornwall are launching a very short share offer now before Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) tax relief is removed on the 30th November.

It is a great opportunity to invest in and support locally owned and led renewable energy projects.

Offer opens: 19th November 2015 at 4.30pm 
Offer closes: 29th November 2015 at 11.30pm

Please click here for full details of Community Power Cornwall’s offer, including details of how to apply for shares before 29th November.

Members  must hold at least 50 shares. Each Share has a value of £1.

The maximum permissible individual share holding is £100,000.

Members of Community Power Cornwall have one vote, regardless of the number of shares they own.

Several individual members of Transition Falmouth are shareholders, and Transition Falmouth itself is a shareholder of Community Power Cornwall (albeit only a small one in terms of investment raised co-operatively from members) to support the Community Renewable Energy Sector in Cornwall.

The Community Energy sector is likely to take a hammering from Government proposals to reduce dramatically the various incentives to support the industry, so we are proposing at our next meeting (25th November) that we invest a further £50 (minimum investment) in the latest CPC share offer as a gesture of solidarity.



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  1. From – Community Power Cornwall’s offer is included on the following site, and was up to £21,000 of new investment on 21st Nov.


    The race is on.
    A surprise government cut is threatening local energy projects all over the country.
    These volunteer-driven projects – often years in the making – are building the clean power we need, and pouring the profits back into the local community. It’s vital work, and now they need our help to see it through.

    They’ve all had to fast-forward their fundraising to beat the government’s latest cut ( , and if they can get fully funded by the end of November, they’re safe. But it’s a huge challenge, and the clock is ticking.

    Let’s give them a boost! We’ve built a website that makes it easy to find and fund a project near you.

    Whether you’ve got five, 50 or 500 pounds to spare, your contribution could be the difference between a project getting built and getting binned.

    Help them beat the clock