Cornwall Council approves ban on balloons and sky lanterns

On Tuesday, 24th November Cornwall Council voted at its full Council meeting to prohibit releases of balloons and sky lanterns from its properties, including schools, and also from events or projects which may take place on these properties, where, for example, licences would be required.

The vote was passed almost unanimously, with only one member voting against. Councillor James Mustoe (Mevagissey Division) – who proposed the motion for a ban – commented that he “was particularly pleased that a further report would be brought back to the Communities Policy Advisory Committee on the feasibility of implementing a Public Protection Order which could allow scope for a wider ban across Cornwall”.

The Transition Falmouth Core Group has welcomed this decision, which followed long-standing and growing concern among TF supporters and other groups over the harm and often fatal injury caused to marine and and other wildlife by balloons and sky lanterns, falling to earth as dangerous litter.

Cornwall has now joined over 40 councils across the U.K. in implementing a ban, and, by all accounts, is the first Unitary Authority to do so. More information on the on-going campaign can be found on the Marine Conservation Society’s website on this page.

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