Transition-friendly investment

InvestmentIn these tricky times it almost seems frivolous to suppose that any of us has enough cash lying around to consider investing it in anything, let alone getting through the week. However, perhaps you, or someone you know, have been a little more shrewd and so this article may come at a good time.

We don’t invest in fossil fuels, so what might we invest in instead? Here, in no particular order, are some suggestions:

    • Crowdfund Cornwall. The projects listed on this site are not necessarily about climate and transition themes, but as the name suggests, any money that goes into Crowdfund Cornwall’s hosted ventures stays close to home.
    • The Trillion Fund is UK-wide in scope and more eco-oriented. It has, by its own claims raised £4 million for more than 100 projects. However, as of this blog post of September 2015, it stopped offering deals because of the government’s planned cuts to renewable energy support. Still, the past projects page makes for heartening reading and so the site is worth keeping an eye on in case the government’s policy changes for the better.
    • Abundance is also UK-wide and eco-oriented. It has two projects open for investment with one more coming soon (at time of writing) and an impressive back catalogue of successfully funded ventures.
    • Ethex. A current favourite of the author. Like the previous two sites, Ethex is nationwide in scope and environmentally-themed. A member of Transition Falmouth was keen to flag up the Bristol Energy Cooperative scheme, whose current offer finishes on 31st March.
    • Crowd Cube is also UK-wide but not necessarily eco-centric. However, the WITT Energy project is of interest.
    • Last and by no means least is Community Power Cornwall. Their site speaks for itself, “Our 3rd share offer closed on 29th November 2015, this means that we are not actively promoting our offer, or soliciting investments from the public, however if people approach us about joining or buying shares, such enquiries will be welcome.”

Please be aware that general investment risks apply for these sorts of projects and it is advised that you thoroughly read the caveats that the ventures list.

For the record, your intrepid author has made three investments spread over the various schemes linked above, so I have very much put my money where my mouth is.

On the flip side of the coin, maybe you are interested in drumming up funding for a transition-themed project of your own. The Transition Network provides a primer on how to do just that here.

Thanks to those members of Transition Falmouth who provided suggestions for this piece (you know who you are!)

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