Fal Energy meeting: 22nd Feb 7:00pm at Falmouth WI

Present: Charmian Larke, Rob Follett, Mike Jenks, Nigel Murray, Paul Britton, Lisa Peakman-Short, Alex Lloyd, Lorely Lloyd (notes).

Apologies: Caroline Robinson, Michelle Davey, Robin Curtis, Peter Rugg, Tim Hendry, Jeremy Tridgell.

Meeting dedicated to deciding on legal structure for Fal Energy Partnership: facilitated by Paul Martin: KABIN.

A very thorough induction workshop on the various organisational legal structures:

(More information to be found in ‘Simply Legal – All you need to know about Legal Forms and Organisational Types for Community Enterprises’. (contact Lorely for a copy).

The meeting agreed on:

  • Legal Form: Industrial and Provident Society (society for the benefit of the community).
  • Type of Organisation: Social Enterprise.
  • Name of new enterprise: Initially agreed on Fal Energy Partnership: Amendments can be made in the future – either to change the name and / or establish an additional name eg FRESCO (Fal Renewable Energy Service Company) for the business activities.
  • For documentation three members were noted as original members: Charmian Larke, Nigel Murray, Lorely Lloyd.
  • Paul Martin establishing the formalities asap.


  • A first draft of the Vision Statement has been produced.
  • The logo is progressing.
  • Future meetings:
      • Wed 29th Feb 7:00pm Falmouth WI
      • Fri: 16th March 7:00pm Falmouth WI
      • Wed 28th March: Falmouth Council Chambers. Cheese and Wine launch of the Social Enterprise.

Finis 9:00pm
Next meeting: Wed 29th Feb 7:00pm Falmouth WI.

More information about any of the above lorely@transitionfalmouth.org.uk or 01326 317587

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