Introduction to the Food Group

The Food Group has been created by people in the Falmouth area who are passionate about food and are concerned about where food will come from when oil and all its by-products, are no longer the major player in the food supply chain.

The Food Group, as part of the Transition Towns Movement, is focusing on the need to plan and prepare for such a time, in the grassroots economy of our local area.

Starting at the elemental level, the not so humble seed. The Food Group are currently planning the first Falmouth Community Seed Swap, ‘A Seedy Saturday’, 21st April 2007. The aim is to bring together existing gardeners in the Falmouth area, and hopefully inspire others, to collect and share both seeds and gardening knowledge.

Growing your own food, for example, can be a creative and empowering process, adding to local food security. We hope this will develop into a regular event and link into future Food Group Community Events.

Working with food producers in the Falmouth area at all levels ‘from plot to plate’, we plan to draw up a Local Food Directory, to support and increase awareness of food production activities in this locality. In a tourist based local economy, the retention of local food culture and the concept of the post Peak Oil environmentally friendly ‘eating-out experience’, are particularly relevant.

We will be exploring the increasing importance of allotments in a Post Peak Oil community. Supporting domestic food production, from container to plot, allotments, to even food co-operatives and community gardens. Alongside this we will be raising awareness of local organic farming.

In a ‘Powerdown’ context, the loss of basic culinary skills is a real issue. The Food Group will actively seek to retain and build on Cooking skills in the community e.g. bread making and food preservation (important in managing gluts in food production). A lot of this knowledge used to be passed on between generations, in particular through the female line. In our high consuming, fast food, packaged culture, simple food knowledge is being lost.

Any member of the Local Community who has a strong interest in any, or all, of the above, or has additional ideas for taking the TF Food Group forward, is welcome to be part of it.


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