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As of Jan 11th 2010, The Poly (formerly Falmouth Arts Centre) has been closed. Read on for link to petition.
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Info given on the site by the petition organiser(s) is as follows:

Save Our Poly is a campaign to keep The Poly (formerly Falmouth Arts Centre) in business and for it continue to offer a wonderful programme of films, theatre and art exhibitions to the community of Falmouth.

Sign this petition to show your support.

What’s happened?

As of 11/01/10, The Poly has been closed and forced into immediate insolvency with administrators being appointed to wind up the business.

Why should I support this?

The Poly is a wonderful and intimate arts centre that brings so much to the town. It offers young people an opportunity to perform in a 200-seat theatre, shows a diverse selection of excellent films, brings an exciting range of live music to Falmouth and gives young and local artists the opportunity to have their work exhibited in a great gallery space in the centre of one of Cornwall’s busiest towns.

The thought of Falmouth without an arts centre, is a fairly bleak one, so please show your support.

Why sign this petition?

The purpose of this petition is to gather visible evidence of support from the many who really don’t want to see this venue close. There is talk of approaching the council, funding bodies etc. in the near future, this petition will help to demonstrate that people are passionate about saving the Poly, and give an indication of the support the venue will have in the future.

There is a Facebook site set up which has attracted over 2000 members within 24 hrs of the news breaking. Many people don’t use Facebook, so the petition also offers those people a way to indicate their support.

Petitions also offer a more familiar way of presenting information to those not familiar with social networking sites.

Thank you for your support.


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