Footsteps to Copenhagen – Falmouth and Penryn Report

Press release as sent to the Falmouth Packet and West Briton follows:

— Press Release —

Footsteps to Copenhagen: Penryn and Falmouth: October 26th 2009
‘Wet but Warm’… Many, many thanks to all who took part.

Two years ago on 8th Dec, a day that poured and poured with rain, and was according to local TV weather the ‘worst weekend for the whole year’; Falmouth welcomed intrepid cyclists carrying messages from the Mayors of Transition Towns across Cornwall to be sent to the Climate Summit in Bali.

Well little had changed last Monday, the rain was back, a potent reminder that one of the effects of Climate Change will be increased rain with very extreme weather in some parts of the world. Also the cyclists were back carrying messages and pledges from Cornwall to the Climate Conference in Copenhagen where Officials and Environment Ministers are to discuss the Kyoto Protocol that ends in 2012.

‘The Penryn and Falmouth Footsteps’ walk was organised to enjoy 6 glorious miles of coastline and to celebrate low carbon living with music, theatre and companionship.

Walkers started at Tremough at 2:30pm and were joined in Penryn by Penryn Mayor Mary May, and the musicians ‘Serious Noise’. The rain and drums accompanied the walk around North Parade to Falmouth where the Art Gallery laid on tea and cake. Falmouth’s own Low Carbon Pied Piper Dave Bacon then led the walkers and musicians through the main streets after the Mayor of Falmouth restarted the walk. Swamp Circus also made an appearance on The Moor to show their support.

At Events Square ‘The C of Change’ played in the marquee, reinvigorating the walkers for the last stretch around Pendennis Point to Gylly Beach Café where a film showed how Transition Communities across the world are preparing for climate change and world wide diminishing energy resources. More than 70 took part in the event.

Though the final walkers were very wet they agreed that it had been important for them to raise awareness of the challenges we now face and how sensible decisions by us and our politicians now may give hope for the future.

Rachel Lay who completed the six wet miles said

“It was a fantastic event, yes it poured down but it didn’t stop us having a great time. I was pleased to join with others to spread the message that we all can make a difference no matter how small.”

Some of the walkers took the train to Saltash on Sat 31st to join in the final ‘Footprints to Copenhagen’ event and accompanied a huge banner across the Tamar Bridge into Devon.

Pledges can still be signed by going to Truro Cathedral website and clicking on Hot Topics.

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