Community Alive Falmouth’s Paupers Feast 5th Oct 2011 Costume activities

On October 5th 2011 Community Alive Falmouth is joining with Fal350 to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the Falmouth Charter. We will be holding ‘The Paupers Feast on The Moor’, where we will be offering free food, drink and entertainment to the public.

Costume creating:

During September to help prepare and set the scene, we are inviting the public to join us to visit local charity shops where we will create budget 21st century versions of 17th century clothing.

Some Community Alive volunteers are offering themselves as personal dressers. There is also a costume creating workshop on 15th September hosted by Falmouth Methodist Church 5:30 to 7:30pm.

Request for costume material:

Charity Shops etc are requested to please look out for cheap suitable clothing ready for costume hunters and if possible have a dedicated rail to display these clothes. There will be press releases explaining the activities in the next few weeks and The West Briton is especially supporting the Fal350 event.

Long skirts, baggy trousers, big blouses/shirts, waist coats, woollen socks, etc. Preferably un-patterned and in brown, grey, green, maroon, black, white etc. We are not too fussy though as the aim is to make it fun, cheap and simple.

For more info: 01326 317587

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