Community Alive Event 22nd May 2010

An opportunity to celebrate Falmouth Community. A community networking event with over 30 partners, Saturday, May 22nd from 10 am to 1:00 pm at the Moor and Falmouth Methodist Church. Free refreshments, information and entertainment.

Upstairs In the Methodist there will be stalls grouped in six categories:

    • Services;
    • Activities and Recreation;
    • Learning;
    • Faith and Spirituality;
    • Health and Wellbeing;
    • Environment.

These have been set up for non-commercial community resource providers in Wesley Hall of the Church and on The Moor so they can share what they do, what volunteer opportunities exist, and why they are important to the Falmouth community.

It will also be an opportunity to network with other providers and to build a data-base of support/resource providers.

We are inviting local organisations to attend and add information about their activities to the practical picture of Falmouth and area. Data is being collated to add to the collaborative website

Free coffee and cakes on the first floor of the church in the morning and a “thank you” community soup, bread and cake lunch available from 1:15 p.m. for those who have been involved, volunteering and staffing the stalls.

There is a whole raft of entertainment on The Moor: The Source local radio, local musicians, outdoor ‘Big Brother Diary Room’, Youth Cafe, Swamp Circus, Streetbeat Dance group, The F&P Community Plan etc

Plus a competition to create a temporary ‘Garden on the Moor’, from edible plants in recycled and creative containers.

Faith Waters says

“We are very enthusiastic about the potential to share the positive aspects of living in the Falmouth area. There is so much to offer and many ways to support each other. Also many ways for those new to Falmouth to become involved. Critical, however, is being able to share that information more widely and getting it into the hands of those who would benefit from it”.

Please let us know if you are interested in becoming involved and what category you think best fits for you or call us at 01326 317587 or email with any questions that you might have.


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