Three Books on Climate Change

We received the following email from Dave Hicks, and have already shared it (with attachments) on our discussion list, but are also pleased to share here on our website, as the “Climate Change Companion” in particular is very clear on the subject, and, given the events of last week in particular, education on the subject for both young and old is more needed than ever!

Dear Transition Town Falmouth

As a subscriber to the Climate Coalition I hope your members will find
these three books on sustainability and climate change valuable.  An
educational and environmental writer for many years my focus has been
on preparing young people for a future that will be very different from today.
In particular this has been through exploring the transition we are now
entering – that from a high to a low-carbon future. I would be most grateful
if you could circulate these details to your members.

Best wishes, Dave Hicks

Formerly Professor, School of Education, Bath Spa University

The files that were attached are all downloadable from this page on his website and are descriptions of three books he has written: “Climate Change Companion”, “Educating for Hope”, and “Sustainable Futures”).

“Climate Change Companion” is free and well worth reading – see this direct link to the PDF file of the complete book on his website.


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