Mixed Plastic Trial Update

As good Transitioners, you are doubtless also avid recyclers. If you’re anything like your intrepid author, you’d probably like the council to be able to recycle even more plastics than it currently does.

According to this article in the West Briton that may be about to change for the better. As the paper puts it, “Cornwall Council has been testing the mixed plastic recycling in homes in Redruth, Falmouth, Penryn, St Agnes and parts of Truro for the last six months.” In addition to the bottles that we’re currently able to recycle, under the pilot, homes were able to also leave “plastic pots, tubs and trays” in the roadside bags.

Plastic pots, tubs and trays trial collection areas in Cornwall

If the scheme is rolled out county-wide, it could achieve an extra 700 tonnes of recycling per year. However, black plastics will remain currently unrecyclable, as these cannot be recognised by the optical sorting systems used in plastic reclaimation (source).

More data is being collected a recommendation based upon it is set to go before the Cabinet of Cornwall Council in the autumn. For more information, see this Cornwall Council webpage (*).

(*) April 2021 – Cornwall Council have removed this link along with many others on their recent website update

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