Mid-Cornwall Climate and Ecological Hub

Transition Falmouth received the following invitation from Jackie Dash of Mid-Cornwall Climate and Ecological Hub, and we are happy to publicise their Open Day here on our website as requested.

n.b. For further information and updates about this event and initiative please contact Jackie direct at jackiedash@live.com

Mid-Cornwall Climate and Ecological Hub

I am writing to invite members of Transition Falmouth to the Mid-Cornwall Climate and Eco Hub (MCCEH) Open Day from 10.00 – 4.00 on Saturday, 30th September, 2023 at 36a, St Austell Street, Truro TR1 1SE.

MCCEH is part of the already existing UK Network of Climate Emergency Centres (CECs) www.climateemergencycentre.co.uk

These have a number of functions but are essentially hubs through which councils, businesses, researchers and NGOs can disseminate information related to the Climate and Nature Crisis and a place where individuals can find practical information and support on how to live more sustainably.

In Mid-Cornwall, we see the hub as having a beneficial role in aiding parish and town councils to realise their plans around Cornwall Council’s strategic goals for Net Zero, the protection and restoration of biodiversity and our damaged ecosystems. The document you will be familiar with forms the core of this strategy: www.climateresilient-dcios.org.uk

We are also engaging directly with the Local Nature Recovery Partnership initiative, headed up by Robin Teverson. At the centre of this interactive wheel, MCCEH will provide the means to put this strategy into action. We will provide the means to enable:

  • Cornwall Council to communicate and share the strategy with the public in a hands-on way
  • Individuals and communities to receive information, education and practical support with the actions they can take directly within their own lives and where to find available funding.
  • Green businesses and environmental organisations to reach a wider audience. The Hub will provide a physical space where talks, training workshops and films etc from within the professional sphere will be delivered
  • Nature and organisations to attract new volunteers and communities to become directly involved in creating the sustainable solutions we all seek for future generations.

We would like to share more of our plans for The Hub and some of the exciting initiatives we have planned at our Open Day. We will be circulating more details as our evolving programme is finalised.

Yours Sincerely,

Jackie Dash,

Mid-Cornwall Climate and Eco Hub

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