Waste & Recycling News – May 2018

The Resources & Waste Strategy for Cornwall was approved by full Council at County Hall just recently.
The Neighbourhoods and Overview Scrutiny Committee met to consider the various options (containers) for improving the delivery of an enhanced kerbside recycling service and this report in last week’s Falmouth Packet seems to be a fair summary of what took place.
Recommendations for the optimum containers to be used under the new Waste Contract will be made at their next meeting in May.

Meanwhile, the TF Core Group have been working on Twelve Top Tips for Transitioners for those who would like to help reduce plastic pollution. “Turning Off the Plastic Tap” is a mixture of tips and updates as our contribution to stemming the flow of plastic waste and litter into the sea, rivers,and the countryside….and is up on our website NOW (also available as a PDF here)!

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