Transition Falmouth Meetings for the New Year

Ever since Transition Falmouth started back in 2006 we have held our meetings and events on Wednesdays, but, like ourselves and Falmouth LETS, now several other local environmental groups (XR Falmouth & Penryn, Greenpeace, and a new Falmouth Food Cooperative) all currently meet around 7pm on the first Wednesday in the month, not forgetting local radio TheSource FM’s excellent Green Show which is on Wednesday afternoons!

With the recent election throwing the need for increased cooperation at the grassroots level on the Climate Emergency into sharp relief, we have decided to be proactive and move our meetings to the second Thursday in the month so they don’t clash with those of other local groups with shared interests

Some of our members have raised this issue recently so hopefully this will help avoid the situation where those engaged in environmental issues in and around Falmouth have to choose between several meetings on the same night, and will encourage members of all groups to work together and attend each others’ events and meetings if they wish.

Back in January 2008 Cornwall Community Climate Forum created a shared calendar for environmental groups in Cornwall to share their events to avoid duplication and clashes, which worked really well in the early days of Transition in Cornwall. It is embedded on this and other websites, and we continue to recommend this calendar and would encourage other groups to use it too.

Since our regular venue, the PennyComeQuick, is closed for refurbishment during the second week in January, our first meeting in the New Year will be on

Thursday 16th January, 7:30pm, PennyComeQuick on the Moor

From February, all our meetings will be at 7:30pm on the second Thursday in the month, as will those for Falmouth LETS (7pm at same venue).

Comments welcomed below on how we can work together locally…


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