Falmouth & Penryn Area – Hard-to-Recycle Collection Points

Have you ever wondered what to do with those empty crisp packets, spent biros and marker pens, and other hard-to-recycle plastic items? Then look no further than the following recycling collection points currently serving the Falmouth/Penryn area.

These points are offered by a range of organisations in conjunction with Hard-to-Recycle specialists Terracycle, and most use the funds raised to support charities or community groups of their choice. All the materials listed here have dedicated collection boxes on site.

Writing Instruments

This programme includes all brands of spent biros, marker pens, highlighters and fluid pots.

Visit Penryn College, Kernick Road, Penryn (next to the Rugby Ground).

Collection box in reception area. Funds raised go towards School Projects

Penryn College collection box

Crisp Packets

All brands of empty crisp packets are accepted.

The principal collection point in Falmouth for packets (bagged or boxed) is currently sited at the Falmouth Community Fire Station in Trescobeas Road.

Falmouth Garden Centre continue to host a drop-off point for empty packets at their premises at Golden Bank, near Swanpool Beach TR11 5BH. Packets collected are also taken to Falmouth Fire Station to support the Firefighters Charity.

Other collection points include the Falmouth Information Service and the Foyer of the Library both on the Moor, Falmouth – see photo

Falmouth Library Foyer

All packets collected go to the Fire Station for onward transmission to Terracycle, and funds raised support the Firefighters Charity or Prickles and Paws – the Hedgehog Rescue Group. Please mark your bag/box according to the charity of your choice.

More information can be found by going to http://bit.ly/crisppacketrecycling where you can also watch the video on the recycling process which is most informative

Oral Care Products

This programme accepts all plastic toothbrushes, spent tubes and caps, plus electric and battery toothbrush heads, floss and toothpaste cartons.

At the time of writing there is no collection point listed for Oral Care Products in the Falmouth/Penryn Area. The nearest collection point is in Truro at the Oak House Dental Practice in St.George’s Road, Truro TR1 3JE

Oak House Dental Practice – Collection box is in the reception area

Acuvue Contact Lens Recycling Programme

All types of contact lens, blister packs and foil covers are accepted.
Visit Boots Opticians, 27, Market Street, Falmouth – collection box in store.

Reynolds & Slater Opticians, 23-27 Berkeley Vale, Falmouth also offer a recycling point for all contact lenses, their plastic and foil packaging and cases.

Boots Opticians Falmouth – collection box

Pet Food Flexible Plastic Packaging

All types of flexible plastic pet food bags and pouches are accepted.

Visit UpCycle Kernow, Porteath Retail Park, Portreath TR16 4QL
Large container sited outside the building.

Upcycle Kernow

Upcycle Kernow is based well outside the Falmouth area on the north coast, near Portreath, but is included here because pet food plastic packaging accounts for a considerable amount of black bag waste for many pet owners, and is well worth the trip to support their innovative work.

A wide range of other hard-to-recycle items are also accepted including Confectionery Packets, Pringles Cans, KP Snacks and Nut Packets, Oral Care Products (plastic toothbrushes/tubes) and Bread Bags.

Give Upcycle Kernow a call on 07766.765756 or email upcyclekernow@gmail.com for more details.


Note: If you are planning a visit to any of the above it is recommended you CHECK the opening times first. Schools are often open during term-time only, while Oak House Dental Surgery is closed Thursday afternoons and Fridays.

The above list is an initial selection of hard-to-recycle items, but anyone wanting to check out all the Free Recycling Programmes offered by Terracycle can visit their website https://www.terracycle.com/en-GB/brigades where most local collection points can be found.

Please note this list could be subject to change as collection points change, and new programmes come on stream. Check the Terracycle website regularly for up-to-date information


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