Independent State of Jungle

From the 18th to the 22nd of November, the newest nation on earth will declare independence from the UK. In an effort to create a socially just, environmentally responsible and economically sustainable nation that our leaders seem incapable of doing, the Independent State of Jungle will be founded.

Through the course of the event, leading academics and representatives from external organisations will be hired as “consultants” to help this new nation find it’s feet. We’ll discuss how we propose to convert energy, grow food and relate to neighbouring countries. We’ll look into the shortcomings of our current societal model and the many sustainable alternatives there are.

The event will culminate in a constitution & climate policy for the Independent State of Jungle, which student delegates will take to the COP21 negotiations in Paris this winter to get their voice heard.

We’d like to open our doors to the local community. As it is not only students suffering under harsh austerity measures, injustices and environmental degradation, it would be morally reprehensible to exclude others from such debates. Stay posted for a timetable of lectures, workshops and discussions which will take place on the Penryn Campus. We look forward to shaping our future with you!

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