Local Food Guide updates and Covid

A few words of gratitude to the retailers and initiatives in our Local Food Guide for being so resourceful and resilient in keeping us supplied and the local economy thriving during the Covid pandemic.

We have been keeping a watchful eye on the database, and systematically checking entries since the New Year.

Sadly some have closed, but it is really heartening to see how many have adapted well, including updating their websites to include on-line orders, “click & collect” and local delivery, so if you haven’t checked the guide for some time, it is well worth revisiting and following the links to the individual initiatives’ websites. Such flexibility bodes well for the future – a highly mobile flotilla of small lifeboats rather than a handful of ponderous corporate supertankers!

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Please let us know if you have any feedback to share about the Guide. If you think we have missed a resource that isn’t on the list you can submit your suggestions here.

From the point of view of local cooperation during Covid Falmouth Food Coop has been particularly pro-active and adaptive at the heart of the community, with their monthly Community Feasts, shifting to meal delivery for the vulnerable, and now the Love Land project near Penryn. We also see local cooperation as the future and wish them and other local initiatives every success.

There have been several marvellous local crowdfunded projects over the past year and a half. Some highlights below:

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