Increasing Community Engagement

Hello! My name is Naomi and I am currently in the process of completing a dissertation for my MSc in Sustainable Development (Climate Change and the Environment) at the University of Exeter. The aim of this dissertation will be to help Transition Falmouth increase engagement and participation amongst the wider Falmouth community.

To help increase the likelihood of successful engagement, I have turned to the DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Segmentation Model. This model divides a population up according to attitudes and belief towards the environment, environmental issues and behaviours. By using this model, each population segment can be targeted with specific strategies to increase their engagement.

In order to know who to target and where they are, I will be completing a house survey in Falmouth over the coming month (If you see me knocking on doors, feel free to come and say hello!) The final dissertation will include recommendations and an interactive map based on survey findings, which Transition Falmouth can use to increase participation amongst the wider community. If you have any questions or just fancy getting in contact, feel free to drop me an email at

I look forward to hopefully contributing something useful to this wonderful group!

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