Falmouth Community Meal held by a team of student environmentalists

Message from Sophia:

Thank you all so much for coming on Sunday – there were at least 80 people, considering the idea was only conceived 9 days before and didn’t start gaining momentum until 2 days later, it was a brilliant turn out!

To walk around after Sanjay Kumar spoke/ the film was screened was an incredible experience with the buzzing air and excitement of so many people sharing enthusiasm, contacts, ideas.

Conversations spilling out onto the stairwell and down the hallway… Exactly what the space was for! I hope you came away from the event with more empowerment to make a change in your lives than when you entered the doors of the WI. Thank you all for the donations, over £90 was collected, which well covers the £20 hall hire and £50 food cost.

At our post-event meeting this evening we decided to hold the event every two weeks on a Sunday, the next event being the evening of Sunday 7th February at the Women’s Institute, the structure will be similar to the last event, with tweaks here and there. Exact time and choice of film not yet confirmed.

We spoke about not always centring the event around a film (music/dance/specific discussion etc instead), and that for the time being we are not going to fit a name to these events in particular.

Although this might make it hard to spread the word, it means that the events are not constricted by specific titles and thus hopefully not excluding types of people and allows the event to mould into various forms.

An important point that was brought up was that these are very much de-centralised events, we encourage anyone to participate in organisation (at any level) and contribute ideas towards the event creations.

We should have a wiki-website set up in a week which will help with this.

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