Food Coops + Film “Food Inc” – 28th March

The next community event and meal organised by the team of student environmentalists is on 28th March, 17:30, Falmouth Women’s Institute.

From Marja:

Sunday, the 28th March at 5:30 in the Women’s Institute in Falmouth!

The overall theme will be FOOD CO-OPS this time – so we will be talking about food security and the role food-coops can take in living more sustainably. What are food-coops? What are they there for? Why do we have them? And how can I get involved in one?

This event is for people that want to get involved in one, want to know more about them or haven’t heard of them at all! Come and find out!

We will be showing the film “Food Inc” which is about corporate farming in the US and shows that vegetables and meat that have been produced by agribusiness have many hidden costs, are unhealthy and environmentally damaging (

We will have a development worker who has set up loads of co-ops talking about food-coops and plenty of information and sign-up sheets ready for you.

Of course we will have a yummy meal at the end of it and the opportunity to learn about sowing herb seeds, how to make a delicious pickle or pine needle vinegar!

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