October 2021 News Update

Some recent news


Falmouth Town Council has declared an Ecological Emergency. You can read all about it in the Packet, and note the call to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (which Transition Falmouth has signed up to).


Cornwall Council (Carbon Neutral team) is holding a Let’s Talk Climate Action Event on 8th November to coincide with COP26.Anyone can attend. You can find more detail and register here.

Microplastic pollution

We have written to our MP suggesting that the current ban on microplastics in some products does not go anywhere near what is needed to tackle this serious issue. Our MP is a member of the APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group) on microplastics which has recently sent its report through to Government making this very point. For more information go to the Marine Conservation Society website for an update on their campaigns https://www.mcsuk.org/ocean-emergency/ocean-pollution/.

Local Waste & Recycling

Hard-to-Recycle Plastics

Sainsbury’s, Falmouth now has a “flexible” plastics collection point just inside the main entrance. We wrote to their Head Office after Falmouth was excluded from the national list and, of course, that did the trick! For a full list of materials accepted see this page on their website.

There is also a “soft” plastics collection point close to the entrance of Tesco’s Express store in Killigrew Street. Readers can find out more about Tesco’s soft plastics recycling here.

We are planning a review of hard-to-recycle collection points in and around Falmouth and Penryn – which will include the Co-op’s “soft” plastics bin in their Mongleath Avenue store. There have been some significant changes since we compiled a list early last year. Suggestions for consideration welcome below.

Sort it ! Campaign

Cornwall Council (CC) have recently issued a plea to householders to spend a bit more time sorting their waste and recycling before setting off to their local HWRC (Household Waste & Recycling Centre). A recent analysis has revealed that over 22% of materials deposited as general waste at HWRCs could have been put into their dedicated recycling containers, or alternatively recycled at the kerbside.

ReUse Initiative

TF welcomed this CC initiative, and has been helping promote the recent soft marketing exercise to encourage expressions of interest, from community-based charities and enterprises across the Falmouth, Penryn and Truro area. Here’s hoping whichever organisations are successful, the eventual outcome will see many reusable items intercepted at participating HWRCs, and given a new lease of life.

Hard Plastics

Correspondence with CC Waste Management has revealed an intention to see a container for recycling hard/rigid plastics installed at selected HWRCs – this will be good news for those of us who wonder what to do with redundant large plastic buckets, washing up bowls, garden furniture and other unwanted sizeable plastic items. More news soon.

Drinks Cartons

Some users of HWRCs may have already noticed that what can be accepted at the Green Recycling Banks has changed. These cartons (usually tetrapaks) are still accepted, but now along with a range of other items https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/rubbish-recycling-and-waste/recycling/carton-and-paper-containers-recycling

Significantly, single-use disposable cups are not now accepted. Presumably this is to do with contamination arising from plant-based materials being mixed in with plastic-based cups – this is still a fiendishly difficult problem not yet resolved – probably best to avoid altogether and keep a reusable handy.

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