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Waste: reduce , reuse, recycle – exploring solutions that turn waste from a burden to a resource.

See our guide Turning off the Plastic Tap – Twelve Top Tips for Transitioners (May 2018).

We have produced a proposal for a Waste and Resources Strategy and Action Plan for the Falmouth and Penryn Community Network Area (updated Jan 2014)

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  1. All forum posts from the old Transition Falmouth website have been transfered as comments to this new website. Posts from the Waste & Recycling forum are here.

  2. Waste and Recycling Survey – Part 2

    Just a reminder that the second part of the waste and recycling survey will close on 14th May. The survey, organised by Cornwall Council, is designed to help decide which collection service is best for the residents of Cornwall as from April 2012.

    To vote on the options available (A or B) visit http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling and find the section on surveys. Alternatively complete the reply form to be found in Cornwall’s Guide to Public Services and send to the freepost address.

    It is almost certain that a vote for option B will result in an increase in recycling rates and less waste going to landfill.

  3. Waste and Recycling Survey

    Cornwall Council recently launched a key survey into its waste and recycling collection services with a view to providing an improved and unified system by April 2012. This survey gives householders a golden opportunity to express their views and hopefully help raise recycling rates across Cornwall, and reduce the amount of valuable resources going to landfill.

    Get involved by going to http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/waste and completing the online survey, or alternatively call into your local library or One Stop Shop and pick up a survey form to be returned (in the pre-paid envelope) by 31st December.

  4. Waste : Open Day Event

    Sita – Cornwall are holding an Open Day on Waste Management in Cornwall at United Mines (nr. St.Day) on 7th August (10.00 – 5.00 pm). Tours are bookable – call the SITA Helpline 08456 300 300 for more details and information…Recycle for Cornwall will also be in attendance

    If you go check out the Household Battery Recycling Scheme, through which several hundred kilos of portable batteries have been diverted from landfill over the past few months – particularly in Falmouth town – thanks to the hard work of TF volunteers

  5. A Wasteless Christmas !

    Cornwall Waste has produced a very useful set of tips to encourage us all to have a happy but waste-free Xmas – more details from their website – http://wasteaction.org.uk

    Check the website also for more news from their latest community newsletter and annual report

  6. Waste Latest

    Hello, all


    Just a brief message to let you know that next week is Zero Waste Week – Monday, 20th October to Sunday, October 26th. Anyone can take up the Waste Reduction Challenge by contacting Recycle For Cornwall on 0800 612 0456 or by visiting http://www.recycleforcornwall.org.uk and asking for a pack of advice. Feedback on this initiative to the Waste Group would be most from anyone who gets involved…


    Mark Hatwood – the driving force behind the community-based household batteries recycling initiative – has been short-listed for a national eco award. This simple idea has proved extremely successful and is being looked at nationally as an excellent way of stimulating interest in recycling at the local level and, of course, diverting significant quantities of hazardous household waste from landfill.

    There are now 28 tubes in Cornwall with six in the TF area : Mylor Post Ofice; Mabe Post Office; Falmouth Post Offices (the Moor and Boslowick); King Charles School, Falmouth, and the latest in the Hammer and Hoe, Mawnan Smith.

    More information from http://www.batteryrecycling-uk.co.uk


    P.S. The revised planning application for the proposed Household Waste Recycling Centre for Falmouth/Penryn and the surrounding area (to be sited in Mabe Parish) is due out for public consultation shortly – more news later

  7. Waste : Incineration : A waste of resources ?

    “God recycles ; the Devil burns ” – this slogan was spotted on the placard of campaigner in St.Austell recently who fears for the health of her grand-children who would be living close to the mass-burn incinerator if it is built in St.Dennis Parish.

    The health issues around this topic are complex, but what is concerning to anyone taking an interest in this is the huge quantity of “residual” waste that is planned to be gobbled up by this plant – 240.000 tonnes per annum.

    What precisely is this residual waste ? Clearly there is quite a lot of stuff left over from household activity which simply cannot be re-used, recycled or composted, but reliable estimates put the amount that could be reclaimed in one way or another from our black bags at 70% – if only the facilities existed and the political will was there to set them up and get the message across to local communities about what is at stake here…

    What is so concerning about the proposed incinerator is that it is designed to burn large amounts of material – irrespective of whether it is recyclable or not. Mass-burn technology is by definition an non-discriminating technology and represents a huge waste of valuable natural resources which could be processed in a much more local, positive and much less climate-polluting way.

    A good example is food waste which can make up to 30% of bins/waste stream – this could be collected and processed (as in West Devon and other counties) by composting, or by creating heat and power by using anaerobic digestion technology…

    Food for thought or what ? Perhaps it is now time for “God” to intervene and force the “Devil” to agree that a Public Inquiry into what is being proposed is the best way forward…check out http://www.st-ig.co.uk for more details

    • Re: Waste : Incineration : A waste of resources ?

      philip wrote:

      “God recycles ; the Devil burns ” – this slogan was spotted on the placard of campaigner in St.Austell recently who fears for the health of her grand-children who would be living close to the mass-burn incinerator if it is built in St.Dennis Parish.


      (Incinerator stack is 120metres high, shown relative to Empire State Building, Truro Cathedral and Nelson’s column)

      Click here for a bigger version of the above pic (source: Cornwall Sustainable Waste Network, a member of http://www.ukwin.org.uk).

      Let’s have smaller scale and more localised waste disposal as outlined by Philip.

  8. Press release from Cornwall Waste Action

    News release

    Lack of Community projects in Cornwall addressing the Challenge of Climate Change.

    Organisers of a Conference in Bodmin are claiming that there are a lack of community projects in Cornwall, which are addressing the environmental challenge of Climate Change.

    Community organisation Cornwall Waste Action is co-ordinating the Sustainable Action in your Community conference in partnership with Rezolve Kernow, which is being held at the Shire House in Bodmin on April 10th.

    Research by Cornwall Waste Action, has discovered that Cornwall has the least amount of Community waste sector projects, when compared to most other counties In England.

    A comparison of activity between Cornwall and Devon on community composting activity reveals there are over 25 community composting projects in Devon, ranging from small groups working on allotment sites or promoting home composting, to social enterprises with Local Authority contracts providing kerbside collection services, whilst in Cornwall there are only three active composting projects.

    There are a wider range of community based projects, that the conference organisers would like to see developed in Cornwall, to promote sustainability, these include furniture and timber re-use projects to the creation of community gardens and plastic bag free town initiatives.

    Cornwall Waste Action Co-ordinator Guy Doncaster says, “This event is not about discussing the environmental challenges of the future and complaining, we want people to take action in their own communities and do something that can collectively make a difference, through lifestyle change or sustainable community based initiatives”. Mr Doncaster added “Throughout the UK, local people are establishing projects that help address the problems associated with climate change. In Cornwall there is interest in such activities, but we now need to engage the involvement of everyone in the community, to enable a sustainable future both locally and globally.”

    The Sustainable Action in your Community conference will provide practical advice on how to start up, promote and run community based sustainability projects. The event will be opened by Dan Rogerson, the MP for Bodmin and co-chair of the Parliamentary Sustainable Waste Group and will feature a keynote speech from David Meneer, Chief Executive of Fifteen Cornwall and former Eden Project Marketing Director.

    The event is aimed at delegates from existing community organisations as well as interested individuals who want to be part of the movement for a sustainable change in Cornwall. Organisers are keen to have a diverse range of delegates attend, to enable the conference to have a greater impact.

    All delegates will be encouraged to take away practical actions for use in their own communities. Whilst expert speakers will give presentations and run workshops on subjects ranging from social enterprises and furniture reuse to buy-local schemes and community

    For more information and to book a delegate space contact Cornwall Waste Action: – info@wasteaction.org.uk or 01736 334684


  9. United Mines Landfill Site – Open Day

    SITA Cornwall are holding an Open Day at United Mines Landfill Site on Saturday, 12th April 10.00 – 4.00 pm. Chance to ask questions about many waste-related issues.. more information in local press and from the company’s website – http://www.sitacornwall.co.uk (community)

  10. Energy-from-Waste Development

    The latest development is that the CERC Exhibition (designed to inform the community of SITA’s energy-from-waste/incineration plans for a Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre located in mid-Cornwall) is due to be held next week at the following dates, times and venues :-

    Wed (23rd) and Thurs (24th) at St.Dennis Working Men’s Club between 10.00 and 7.00

    Fri (25th) and Sat (26th) at Foxhole Social Club – between 10.00 and 7.00 (Fri) and 10.00 and 2.00 (Sat)

    More details will be in the local press this week.

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