Turning Off the Plastic Tap: Latest Update

The first “Turning Off the Plastic Tap” Guide was produced in 2018. Since then, we have just completed an update, as there have been some significant developments, locally, nationally, and globally, concerning single-use plastic waste reduction

Here locally, for example, Transition Falmouth has pulled together a “Too Good to Waste” Guide to the local Circular Economy. The member groups of the CPPC (Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition) continue to carry out amazing work tackling local plastic pollution

The Government has banned single-use plastic straws and stirrers, and products containing “rinse-off” microbeads and introduced a 10p levy on single-use plastic carrier bags. It has also been consulting on proposed bans of other single-use plastic items, and has committed in the new Environment Act to introducing measures, to reduce plastic packaging and improve recycling rates.

But there remains so much more to be done, if the tide is to be significantly turned on the plastic pollution crisis.

Globally, given the predicted increase in plastic production, the outlook for pollution remains grim – so much so that the United Nations is seriously considering an international treaty on plastic pollution.

You can read more in the updated “Turning Off the Plastic Tap” page on this website (see under “Projects“).

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