Local Waste and Recycling Bulletin – September 2010

Some information on local waste and recycling developments.

New Falmouth/Penryn Household Waste Recycling Centre

Latest news on this centre, currently being constructed at Carveth Farm, Mabe (on the road towards Longdowns from Treliever), is that the completion is now estimated for second week in November. A full list of items accepted for re-use, recycling and composting will posted up on this website nearer the time…

Household Composting – Compost Bins Offers

A reminder that the nearest supplier of discounted Green Johanna Compost/Food Digester Bins to the Fal/Penryn area is the SOFA Furniture Re-Use Project (Pool Business Park, Dudnance Lane, Pool nr Redruth)

Fantastic offer of bins at only £25 each (cash only and to be collected). At time of writing about 15 left on the shelf. Telephone 01209 719733 for more details.

More details on this product can also be found on www.greatgreensystems.com and clicking on the British flag.

Other more basic composting bins are also available at reduced rates through the Cornwall Council scheme – see www.cornwall.getcomposting.com or call 0844 571 4444

Also check out www.wasteaction.org.uk * for further information.

Household Battery and Low Energy Light Bulb Recycling

There are now numerous battery collection points in and around the area – as a result of the February European Directive – many are located in local stores selling over 32kg of batteries per annum.

The Community Battery Recycling Scheme (Cobra) is still in business – some collection points are still serviced by Transition Falmouth volunteers with the recycling tube in Mabe Post Office having just passed the 500kg mark, while a new collection point has arrived at the Cornwall Council One Stop Shop in Penryn.

New collection points can still be set up by volunteers where the need is identified. For more information go to http://CobraScheme.co.uk.

Stop Press!: Cobra (Community Bulb Recycling Alliance) has just launched a new recycling scheme for low-energy light bulbs in conjunction with Recolight based on the same principle as the Community Battery Scheme. For more details explore http://recolight.cobrascheme.com. It will take time for local collection points and volunteers to emerge but the potential for diverting this hazardous waste from landfill is immense.

Mattress Recycling

Anyone looking at the West Briton recently may have noticed a piece under the heading “Mattress Man Springs into Recycling Action”!

This refers to Owen Braines of Home Comforts Furniture Re-Use Project who has set up “Just Recycling” with the aim of recycling items other projects won’t take e.g. end-of-life mattresses, bed frames and settees etc. which are stripped for their recyclable metal and wood content,and, where possible, fabric for reuse.

If you want to avoid sending worn-out furniture to landfill call Just Recycling on 01209 822123 and see what’s possible. They are located not far from the Landfill site at United Mines at St.Day

Next bulletin scheduled for November.

* website closed 2014

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