Cornwall Council recycling survey goes live – please have your say!  

Cornwall Council is asking for your views on Cornwall’s kerbside recycling and waste collection so they can best understand the impacts on residents before changes are recommended to the 2020 waste and recycling contract.

Cornwall Council Cabinet Members met in November to discuss recommendations for a new recycling and waste collection which will commence in April 2020. The Cabinet supported a model used extensively in Welsh and English authorities which would mean a weekly collection of recycling and food waste and a fortnightly collection of waste that cannot be recycled.

They state that evidence shows that by making recycling collections more frequent, increasing the range of materials that are recycled, and introducing food waste collections on a weekly basis, they will be able to help Cornwall increase recycling from 35.7% to reach the national target of 50% by 2020.

Their analysis of black bin bags shows that most people’s waste is currently comprised of 22% of materials that can be recycled e.g. paper/cans/glass etc., 35% is food waste and 43% is other residual waste. If in future they collect food waste each week, and recycling collection also moves to weekly collections, that would make collections of recyclable material easier and mean they would change the frequency of collections of waste which cannot be recycled to a fortnightly basis.

This means food waste would be collected at the same frequency as it is now (weekly), with the added benefit that it would be recycled (by anaerobic digestion), which is currently not the case.

Transition Falmouth is supportive of these measures and encourages our readers to have their say and make further suggestions via the survey, which can be found at (*)

The survey ends on the 3rd January 2018, so please don’t delay!

(*) April 2021 – Cornwall Council have removed this link along with many others on their recent website update

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