Waste : Recent Developments

Waste : Recent Developments locally as of 14th July 2007.

Reclaim; Refurbish and Re-Use

A new community-based, not-for-profit furniture and appliance re-use centre has recently opened in Bodmin. RE:SOURCE has been set up through Rezolve Kernow to reclaim goods that may have been destined for landfill; for repair where necessary and sold on at reasonable prices (with a guarantee where electrical appliances are involved)

While we are fortunate in the Transition Falmouth catchment area to have the SOFA Project and other furniture re-use outlets (eg Cornwall Hospice Care in Penryn – which is doing well), what is significant about RE:SOURCE is that jobs and training opportunities have been created, and it is being run on a scale that seems to reflect a growing interest in, and a demand for re-usable furniture and electrical goods. This might suggest that there is room for a similar initiative in the mid and west Cornwall area.

The debate over the effectiveness of the new re-use regime put in place by CCC/SITA continues. If you have a view on this, or the above, please register on this website and leave a comment.

You can also keep up-to-date by visiting the Cornwall Waste Action web-site (www.wasteaction.org.uk *) and/or the County Council’s Waste Discussion Forum www.cornwall.gov.uk/waste (*).

UK Government’s New Waste Strategy

For anyone with a close interest in Waste Issues this Strategy, published in May, is well recommended. It can be viewed on the Defra web-site – www.defra.gov.uk.

The nearest thing to a waste strategy for Cornwall is probably the Waste Development Framework – currently in draft form. The revised version was due out in May but it has been put back until next year when it will be released for further public scrutiny.

In the meantime, it is understood that any new developments proposed under the terms of the PFI (CCC/SITA) Waste Contract will be determined against the Waste Local Plan (2002) – see www.cornwall.gov.uk/waste (*) for details.

Packaging Survey

In a recent MORI poll of 1000 supermarket shoppers 92% said they wanted a reduction in the overall amount of packaging, while 93% wanted more recyclable packaging.

This comes at a time when the Independent newspaper is waging a Campaign Against Waste, and is asking its readers to gather more evidence by supporting the Womens’ Institute’s survey of packaging.

Anyone who like to get involved is encouraged to go to www.independent.co.uk, read the article “Shoppers want less Packaging” here, and download a survey form from here and visit your local supermarket before 20th July.

Views on any of the topics above are always welcome.

* wasteaction website closed 2014, forums no longer on Cornwall Council website

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