Skilling up for Powerdown Course

10 week evening class, starting 27th September, aiming to explore the challenges of the 21st century with the practical and mind skills needed to aid the creation of a sustainable and enjoyable future.

See this page for details, and location.

The course is based on the successful model Rob Hopkins teaches in Totnes. I attended that course in Autumn of last year and have also undertaken two Permaculture Design courses and several other allied studies over the past 15 years giving me a thorough grounding in Permaculture and community issues.

Though I understand the ‘hugeness’ of what needs to be covered to skill us up for the coming challenges, the course offers a concise overview plus details of the many already successful initiatives for us to copy locally, enabling us individually and collectively to become ‘challenge resilient’.

I believe we are at the bum end of the human adventure on planet earth, with our primary legacy summed up as: depleting Resources, Climate change and Community sense… or RCC (rsssss) issues’. Please join me in discovering where we are currently heading, how we can change direction and what the new adventure looks like.


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