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Fish and Seafood section in alphabetical order

Cornish Native Oysters

Address: Admiralty Quay, Mylor Dockyard, Mylor Bridge, Falmouth TR11 5UF
Tel. : 07807 290315
Email :
Website : (online shop)

With registered EU Protected Food Name status and as a member of the Slow Food Movement, Cornish Native Oysters are sustainably harvested, under sail, from the Fal Estuary.

Oysters and mussels are purified and processed at the Mylor Yacht Harbour and supplied to top chefs and restaurants. Also next day delivery available to doorsteps locally and nationally.

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Cornish Seaweed

Address: Higher Argal Farm, Falmouth TR11 45PE
Tel. : 01326 618469
Email :
Website : (online shop)

Wholesaler and online retailer of dried and fresh seaweeds

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Address: Unit 6, Lemon Street Market, Truro
Tel. : 01872 240046
Email :
Website :

Purveyors of fine locally caught fish and shellfish. Opening Hours 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Saturday

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Falmouth Fish & Seafoods

Address: 29, Arwenack Street, Falmouth
Tel. : 01326 312235
Email :
Website :

One of Falmouth's leading seafood specialists, approximately 85% of the shop's fish is sourced locally and can be viewed alongside the main street en route towards Custom House Quay and Events Square.

Opening hours are Monday - Saturday 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

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Kernow Fisheries Ltd

Address: Darren (Door to Door service)
Tel. : 07826 059777
Email :
Website :

Based in Falmouth this local family fishmonger supplies fresh fish from Newlyn to homes across the Falmouth/Truro area.

Call Darren on the above mobile number for details of availability, and/or to book a delivery to your door

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Address: Trecoose, St.Martin, Helston TR12 6DF
Tel. : 01326 231950
Email :
Website :

Locally caught sustainably-managed fish landed from small day boats. Find us at Truro Farmers' Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays and at Falmouth Farmers' Market on Tuesdays.

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Mylor Fish Shop

Address: Mylor Fish Shop, Trevellan Road, Mylor Bridge, Cornwall TR11 5NE
Tel. : 01326 378441
Email :
Website :

Fresh fish, shellfish, scallops, crabs. Caught daily by our own boats.

Open Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat 9am - 1pm

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Seabourne Fish

Address: Unit 1, Commercial Road, Penryn TR10 8AE
Tel. : 01326 378478
Email :
Website :

Fresh fish and seafood sourced by local fishing boats favouring sustainable fishing methods

Fish supplied from shop in Commercial Road,Penryn, by National Mail order or by home delivery

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The Fish Man

Address: Alan Williams (Door to Door Service)
Tel. : 07803 063866
Email :
Website :

Alan Williams covers a wide area in mid Cornwall including the Truro and Falmouth and surrounding parishes. A range of fresh quality fish - mostly sourced from Newlyn Fish Market - can be ordered and delivered to the door.

Contact him on the above number to check when he is next in your area

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The Pilchard Works

Address: Fore Street, Newlyn, Penzance TR18 5QH
Tel. : 01736 361700
Email :
Website : (online shop)

Pilchards, caught locally and sustainably in accordance with MCS criteria, are processed and tinned in Brittany using traditional manufacturing methods. The tinned fish - otherwise known as sardines - are available preserved in either olive oil, tomato sauce or sunflower oil. Tins can be purchased in packs on line - see website - or through local wholesaler Westcountry Fruit Sales.

Individual tins are also available from local retailers including the Natural Store, Falmouth and the Spar Shop in Carnon Downs.

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